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Розробник: Aioria Software House Ltda. Me.

Flirt with any person that is in the same place that you are without the need of exposure. You don’t have to be scared of flirting anymore! You can blink everyone you like, and the person only will know it if they also like you! Blink before you start talking personally. can be used in bars, clubs, gyms, colleges and any other meeting space.

Reason to use Flirt in:

Start a relationship with someone that is in the same place that you are;

You don’t need to be scared, just blink everyone you like, only reciprocity will let her/him know that you are interested;

With this app, you can see everyone who had already checked-in for tonight;

Lose the shyness. Now you know that the desired person also has an interest in you;

Don’t leave any footprints, soon as you’re done using the app you can check-out from the place and there are no logs.